Interior building project – Amsterdam Canal House

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Interior building project – Amsterdam Canal House

How to do an efficient rebuilding in Amsterdam? The main thing is to create value by combining different aspects. Last fall MyHouse Amsterdam did a nice interior project in Amsterdam center close to the Leidseplein. The main object was to create an extra room by not destroying the visual feeling of space in the old apartment. In a very classical and long slanted main living of the house we have designed and created a room divider with open spaces on the kitchen side and closed wardrobe cabinets on the other side. In Dutch this is called “Kamer Ensuite”. By closing of the sliding doors the back side of the living room can be used as a bedroom when guests are visiting this nice expat family in Amsterdam.

Room divider Amsterdam open

Classic style, modern outlook in Amsterdam canal house interior

By smart design the modern style cabinets are integrated well in the classic house. As you see on the pictures the living room is very slanted and the old wooden beams are still nicely present on the ceiling. The client was faced with an already existing modern kitchen island and a modern kitchen.

How to bring in a modern touch in the old canal house here in Amsterdam? By using classical shapes and forms the atmosphere is held in place. So the room divider or kamer ensuite is a classic Dutch interior shape and attribute. To just make the doors and wooden outlook straight and flat gives the modern touch to the interior while it still fits the interior well. This applies as well for the sliding doors with the matt glass.

The TV cabinet with a nicely integrated fireplace is definitely a more contemporary attribute to the canal house. By designing this part as an integrated and fitted piece of the wall the attention is not drawn to the straight and modern shape. It also does not feel like a very heavy elevation.

Room divider as fitted furniture in Amsterdam

As mentioned earlier the kamer ensuite and the room divider are commonly used in Dutch appartments and old houses. This is because from historical point the appartments were relatively small and in this way the both create space and storage. Besides and extra room is created in a very smooth way. The old classical ideas of the kamer ensuite is to make and design them in the theme and architecture of the house. The most popular era in which the room dividers were made is the 30’s ages of the last century. In Dutch commonly referred to as Jaren 30. Also the art-deco style was commonly used. Most of the time the one side of the room divider has open spaces and serves as a classical library. The other sides are mostly for storage and in that sense serve as perfectly designed wardrobe storage units.

Room divider Amsterdam

TV cabinet with fireplace

MyHouse Amsterdam is frequently asked to design storage cabinets with space for TV’s and fireplaces. The combination is very nice but cannot become overheated. Therefore we normally use electric fireplaces that more or less resemble the lights and flames that a normal fire would give. The combi is nice. Mostly we make and design the cabinet to look like a wall that is finished in the normal colors of the living room. In this way the focus is only on the fireplace and the TV. All looks like integrated units in the interior.

Fireplace Amsterdam

The fireplace used here on the pictures in Amsterdam is a Gazco electrical heater. MyHouse can integrate fireplaces to your wish in the cabinets. Although they are getting hot it is not the main source of heating in your house but adds to cozyness at home (the infamous Gezelligheid as the Dutch refer to).

Fireplace Amsterdam



Cabinet custom made Amsterdam

Interior design and cabinet making by MyHouse - Amsterdam

What are the main competences of MyHouse Amsterdam? The MyHouse team designs and installs fitted cabinets, wardrobes, kitchens, kitchen tops and room dividers and carries out smalles interior building projects. All coordination, design and installation are done in house. MyHouse asprires to design furniture that fits both your wishes and fits the architectural style of the house. The contact is personal and transparent. Our studio is here on the edge of the old center next to the Haarlemmerplein and Jordaan area. Feel free to stop by, grab a coffee with us and discuss your interior design wishes about your beautiful new house or apartment.

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Room divider Amsterdam

Closed cabinets Amsterdam