Modern room dividers in Amsterdam

Written by Cees

Room dividers & modern ensuite in Amsterdam

Custom made interiors and cabinets are always a challenge in Amsterdam. Like with custom made kitchens, cabinets are to be well planned in the small but historical appartments in Amsterdam. Recently we have installed two room dividers with cabinet space and sliding doors. Normally we make the room dividers classical and fitting the decorative woodwork with the style of the house. The two recent dividers are different: we made them modern which gives a fresh contemporary look and feel to the apartment.

Appartments here in Amsterdam are often small which is very charming to live in. Especially like in the older neighbourhoods like the Jordaan or De Pijp where a lot of our expat Amsterdam clients live and buy appartments. Often there is a kitchen combined with one living room and one or two bedrooms on second or third floor. In general there is little space. To create the illusion of extra space and the practicality of extra storage we as interior builders choose to separate the space in two different rooms by means of a room divider, often called a kamer ensuite here in Holland and Amsterdam. This means we build sliding doors with on both sides cabinets. This can be double sided or single sides.

Moderne kamer ensuite 4

Often we make the cabinets more classical with panel doors and architraves, in this way we create the feeling that the furniture is matching the classical elements in the house. The last room dividers / kamer ensuite we made we have designed more modern cabinets. In this way it is a real part of the interior which in those cases was more contemporary and modern.

The cabinet doors are flat with molded in grips. They can also open on push to open systems if desired. The finish is spray painted. The sliding doors are made with 4 equal glass parts so that the room stays light and gives an open feeling when even when the doors are closed.

In this way we create extra space, and extra room and extra storage. In any sense a well designed room divider in appartments here in Amsterdam is a great investment. Extra rooms means extra worth on the rental or real estate market in Amsterdam.

If you want any advice about appartements, custom made kitchens or cabinets here in Amsterdam don’t hesitate to call us!

Modern strakke ensuite


Moderne kamer ensuite 2