Classic kitchen in modern Skyscraper in Amsterdam

Written by Cees

Kitchen design in Amsterdam is always full of surprises. In the fall we have designed and finished a beautiful custom made kitchen in a new high rise skyscraper here in Amsterdam. 

Working in a spacious and very light and beautiful apartment actually the choices were simple. Where a lot of others in the skyscraper went for a modern smooth outlook of the kitchen we have decided for warm classic but contemporary kitchen design for Amsterdam. As the apartment is modern and big the central focus point of the apartment is the big living kitchen. It is simply the natural space where everybody gathers for a nice cooking experience or a nice evening with plenty of food.

Kitchen design Amsterdam 1

The kitchen with panel doors (not overdone but simple) is back in fashion again. This time the classical kitchen is combined with marble or imitation marble tops. There are many stones that are imitating the marble structures in the countertops those days. This custom made kitchen in Amsterdam combines this kitchen with nice glass doors to keep the kitchen light and accessible.

On the edges we see plenty of working space especially in combination with the island. A free standing cooking range is a central focus of the cook. Lots of storage can be found on the side of the space in the big cupboard. Designed as if it were a big living room freestanding cupboard it fits totally with the kitchen. With the glass doors it of course also serves as a showcase. The island can be used as a worktop but when dinner is ready we see that the island is ideal for serving wine, snacks and food. Naturally the island actually ends up as the place where everybody starts the drinks (borrel) before the dinner. Whereas the modern kitchen design in Amsterdam serves more as a showpiece the classic kitchen brings warmth into the house. Combined with the natural top the modern layout of the apartment the kitchen brings the natural balance at the end of a busy workday.

Kitchen design Amsterdam 2

Colors in the kitchen design are also important. We have chosen for light colors but not crispy white. This kitchen design has warmer colors that go with the darker floor and the marble composite top.

The light colors in the Amsterdam custom made kitchen combine nicely with the countertop. The countertop here is from Silestone in composite. MyHouse Amsterdam also delivers a lot of real marble. Marble is more vulnerable to serve as a countertop. There are several nice new stones on the market like Pirgon, Calacatta and Sivec marmer. Those are marbles with a more quitet nerve structure and therefore suitable with the kind of classic kitchens in a modern interior as is shown in this kitchen in Amsterdam.

Kitchen design Amsterdam 3

In this project MyHouse Amsterdam has done more interior work. Also we have placed beautifull wooden doors, all custom made. They are the kind a higher panel doors that give the apartment height and good spacious feel.

Summarizing the Amsterdam kitchen makes a beautiful appearance because of the spacious not too classical design combined with light countertop with a lot of cupboard space integrated in the kitchen design.

Kitchen design Amsterdam 5

Kitchen design Amsterdam 4