Design in 3D renders of the projects is an essential part of our interior business in Amsterdam. MyHouse designs your whole project and is your interior designer in the same moment. In this gallery we will show you our 3D designs. This is the essential part of the succes of your interior project. Our offers and projects always include high quality 3D renders of the proposed project. Only in this way we get the right style and the right solutions. This is also the way that you get to see if your choices fit the current interior.

MyHouse Amsterdam designs your interior and provides the total process around designing and making your kitchen, wardrobe or bookcase. Not only for private people. MyHouse also designs your office, restaurant or other business. MyHouse coordinates all aspects in the process and the designs. A pleasant work and living environment is the base of the design and needs to be translated into interior design choices. Durability and sustainability in the material use are of high importance in the designs. Those elements have to be integrated in a quality, trendy or classical design in style. MyHouse is coordinator of the total project and carries the overview throughout the whole interior design process. MY House has the right people, interior architects and designers in the right place. My House also works with the use of BREEAM and CRADLE to CRADLE processes. 

Project coordination

The approach of MyHouse is professional and personal. The base of our projects are your needs and wishes. Only if we understand those well My House will be able to translate this into a successful interior design. The up to date knowledge of trends interior developments and materials will guide our clients to the design process.

My House provides the whole installation of all furniture and wood items. Works like glass fittings, electricity, lightning and plumbing will be carried out by preferred parties within our network. My House will coordinate the progress of the work and is the project leader. Materials and examples can be viewed here in the showroom in Amsterdam. Please contact us by phone or email or make an appointment for your interior project. If you wish we can visit you on your location.



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