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20 common questions and answers regarding the custom made furniture of My House Amsterdam. Phone number showroom Planciusstraat 1HS - Amsterdam: 020-2239924

1- Are all dimensions possible?

My House Amsterdam delivers custom made furniture such as bookcases, cupboard, kitchen and room divider. There are no standards. So layout, divisions and dimensions are free to choose. Obviously My House Amsterdam indicates when something is really not pretty or technically not feasible.

2- Are all models possible?

Yes, there are multiple models of bookcases, cupboards or kitchens possible. My House Amsterdam tries to give an advice that fits you and your interior and will design the model matching your style and interior. Besides the more traditional bookcase or library we make also very modern designs. Besides the timeless interior design trends, there are many changing trends where we quickly try to adapt to.

3- What is the quality of the furniture?

My House Amsterdam delivers her products in very high quality. The bookcases and furniture are made in high quality material (solid hardwood). On top of that we use for finishing the items very strong paints and lacquers. Most furniture is handcrafted. A lot of time and care will be given to each specific project. There is a lot of differences in quality on the market. You can't see this from a picture. Therefore, we always recommend to come to the shop to see one and another by yourself. Your custom made furniture is a unique project and built from scratch for you. We do not import mass furniture for low prices.

4- Where do we deliver?

We deliver our interior design projects in Holland, Belgium and Germany. We need to know upfront where you live. In our price offer we will calculate the additional costs for transport if the delivery place is far away from Amsterdam.

5- Is the delivery situation important for My House Amsterdam?

Yes, this is important. For example, when we need to deliver a large bookcase on the fourth floor in Amsterdam. This is absolutely possible. Only we must design the parts well in advance so that they can easily come up. This may be by stairs or on a moving elevator. Once up, we build the parts so that is seems like one piece is standing.

6- Why is massive wood better then MDF in a custom made bookcase or bookshelf?

Both materials have positive and negative characteristics. Massive wood is stronger, easier to elaborate, easy to repair and has a very nice outlook. Wood always works which is considered to be a disadvantage, we think it is part of the charm.

MDF is very good for painting and is strong. MDF is easy to work with. The disadvantage is that it will bend in bigger constructions and in its function as bookshelf. Another problem is that MDF absorbs water after which the MDF is hard to re-use. Furthermore MDF deteriorates faster than hardwood and is easier to damage.

7- How long are the delivery times of a bookcase of bookshelf or custom made kitchen?

The period between the ideas till the definite design takes some time. This phase also depends on the decision making period or process of the client. The faster you can decide as a client the faster we will deliver your custom made furniture or kitchen. From the moment we will receive your down payment it will take around 4-6 weeks to deliver your bookcase. For custom made furniture this is a short delivery term.

8- Can you build up a room divider in an empty room without walls?

Absolutely yes. This is one of the specialties of My House Amsterdam. We will measure everything in at location and we will calculate the construction this way that the ensuite or room divider will be built up fast, complete and solid.

9- If I order a custom made kitchen, how does it work with the plumbing and the electricity in my kitchen?

We will speak through the whole project and process. My House Amsterdam does not employ plumbers and electricians. In coordination we will outsource this jobs with third parties. The involved parties will be supplied with drawings and planning of the whole project.

10- How about the kitchen equipment?

My House Amsterdam has a transparent policy concerning equipment in custom built kitchens. We can coordinate the purchase of the equipment. We will always show you the cheapest options in the best quality. We do not earn on equipment. This is not our core business. If our clients want to purchase the equipments themselves it is possible. We will give advice. Of course we do build in the equipment and adapt the designs this way that everything will fit.

11- I have vague ideas about buying a custom made bookcase, how to continue?

Try already to transform your ideas into concrete wishes. Try to select images of the bookcases you like. Besides you would have to think about the sizes that you would like. Of course we need to have an idea of your interior as well so we can match the bookcase close to your interior. All this information needs to get to us by means of a visit or an email. After this we will make an offer and we will make you and advice and a design.

12- Our house has a specific style, how is custom made furniture adapted to your style?

This is one of our specialties. If you choose for My House Amsterdam you will spend a reasonable amount to have a custom made closet made. We will maken sure that for example the profiles in the cabinet will match the profiles in your house. Therefore we will visit you and measure everything into detail. During the visit we also get an idea of the style of your house and we will make pictures. After the visit we will work out all of the information and give you and advise how your cabinet should be looking.

13- How long does the installation take of a custom made cabinet or room divider?

This is dependent on the size of the project. Our specialty is to make and prepare the product in big pieces. During the installation we will build up the cabinet so that it looks like one perfect piece of furniture. Our installations are fast. To give some examples: a bookcase of 4 meters wide and 3 meters high will be ready in one day. A double sided room divider will stand in two days.

14- Can I choose any color for my project, kitchen or bookcase?

Yes, the color can be chosen from the color samples of the regular paint suppliers. We have all the samples in the shop. You can also have the backwall painted in a different color.

15- Can a bookcase or cabinet be painted manually?

Yes, most of our furniture is actually spray-painted but we can always make an offer for a hand painted cabinet or project. We do this regularly. The effect is that your piece of furniture looks more original and handcrafted. It has a different look and feel then sprayed cabinets. In both versions there is still the choice between high gloss and half gloss levels.

16- Is the price inclusive delivery?

Yes, your cabinet or project will always be delivered and installed until it stands perfect. Small or big we always take care the project is installed completely.

18- What about the guarantee?

In short: 1st year full guarantee, 2nd year and 3rd year a partial guarantee.

19- If the order is made dow e have to make a down payment?

Yes a down payment of 25% is required.

20- How can I contact My House Amsterdam in the bestand fastest way?

You can contact us through email. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). If you send us all of your wishes clearly stated with all sizes, delivery situation and all your contact details we will make you a price offer within two days.

The best way to get your project started is to stop by in our showroom. For us your wishes will be much clearer. Besides you can see easily which possibilities we have. After this we will make you a clear price offer. After approval we will start with the first designs. You can just walk in during opening hours. If you wish you can also contact us to make a fixed appointment with one of our designers. (020-22349924)



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