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Custom made kitchens and bookcases are the soul of your interior. My House in Amsterdam makes your interior wishes come true.

The people make My House! Our people have a background in the technical and production side of the business. Besides this they have a background in the designing of your interior or furniture project. Keeping up to date with latest interior trends and developments is part of our business. Only in this way we can translate your wishes into the right interior and furniture design.

In our studio you will find the designers who will provide a custom made advice. The designers are coordinating your project from A till Z and they are your single point of contact. Here in our Amsterdam based studio we are making your designs and we can show you samples and examples. The same designers also take care of measuring your project. Besides the designers My House Amsterdam has an installation team with the right and professional carpentry skills so that your furniture is fitted perfectly. The production of the furniture is in our own hands so there is a good quality control.

My House is based in the Zeeheldenbuurt, next to the Jordaan area in Amsterdam. Here we have a showroom and here we welcome our clients.

We care for a very personal approach. Only by listening and understanding your wishes and your lifestyle we can make and design a piece of furniture that meets your expectations. My House is designer, producer and installer of your custom made furniture. With this unique approach you have only one point of contact.




020-223 99 24

Monday till Friday 10:30 - 18:00
Saturday by appointment

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