Project coördination -kitchen rebuilding interior Amsterdam

Written by Mireille

Project coördination - kitchen interior renovation Amsterdam

Renovation projects in Amsterdam combined with interior building and kitchen design in Amsterdam. Always exciting but very challenging. When your client is an expat and lives abroad and communication goes by facetime this adds an extra layer to the process. Our client has bought a nice old house in a street in Amsterdam with an architectural style from the early thirties from the last century. Their wish was to do a good rebuilding to mordernise the house and to design a modern interior that will not take away the atmosphere in the house.

The clients have asked us to coordinate the rebuilding in Amsterdam and design their interior to make and design a TV cabinet with fireplace, wardrobes, walking cabinets and a fully custom made kitchen. They needed to be modern, colourful and practical but in the same time timeless, trendy and creative space. Combined designs are difficult in a compact space as the interaction between the spaces and rooms in the house play a role. Where do you start?

A rebuilding and renovation project in Amsterdam requires some wisdom and some patience. First of all the market is busy and then how to discover if a contractor is well priced, reliable and delivers good quality.

Modern bookshelve TV unit Amsterdam

Renovation project and coördination in Amsterdam

MyHouse Amsterdam is specialised in being a liaison between the contractor and the client.

MyHouse specialises themselves in design, cabinetry, wardrobes, kitchens and appliances. The whole interior building process. As we have a lot of expertise on the market MyHouse is a good starting point. When our clients want more work coördinated we set up a small initial project planning. What we do is that we split the different parts of the project and renovation.

By analysing the lifestyle and wishes of our client we first select the right partners of which we think they will have the right click. After that we ask our partners for multiple offers and combine them into one project overview. In this way our clients have a structural insight in the cost per item.

Another reason to chop up the different parts of the rebuilding is that prices of simple work like plastering tend to be lower as a one-off project. Then you can build efficiency to just have a specialised company do only this part. Especially here in Amsterdam there are many companies who also specialise in one part of the job.

The structural parts like roofs, plumbing and demolishing should be done by a general contractor. After that part of the job the finishing part of the rebuilding starts. This part is the time that there will be overlap between an interior building project, designer and contractor and full project planning is needed.

The practical execution of the project starts with the design of the interior item (especially the kitchen, furniture and cabinetry) and the choice of flooring. Then afterworths it is easy to fill in the different part of the job. To have an independent creative coordination comes in very handy to have one single view on the outlook and to keep all parties in the same direction.

Kitchen design Amsterdam off white

Timelines and finance in a renovation project in Amsterdam

A good project planning where you have a bit of time gives you a breath. Take your time. This is the first advice we give. This gives different parties the time to efficiently price and execute their work. Ask for realistic forecasts and do not rush the different parties. Working from back to front is our favourite way of planning.

Finance is important. We ask for different prices to see the differences. The main factor here in Amsterdam is the following: what do you get for your money. Thorough understanding of materials, durability and quality is for us to prepare for you. Investing 10.000,-- Euro for a durable construction is a million times better then 5000,-- euro in a low quality construction with bad materials. This may sound logical to you but most people opt for the cheaper option.

MyHouse can guide you through the choices and options for your rebuilding, interiors in Amsterdam.

Classic wardrobe Amsterdam Zuid

Kitchen design Amsterdam

Kitchen design in Amsterdam is a good base to start. In the kitchen in this particular project we were restricted by certain spaces, angles and possibilities.

As the kitchen is both a practical and a designed object this was a good start. The kitchen was relatively small and therefore difficult to design well. The wish of our client was to have loads of closed storage spaces and nice outstanding colors. The fact that the storage units are closed could make the kitchen design a bit boring. The division of the panels and the sharp colors in combination with natural oak and the original tiling give structure and color to the whole unit.

So what is it that gives this designed kitchen a nice touch? In short it is the original and very trendy yellow of the top cabinets in combination with natural oak of the bottom cabinets. What completes the design here are the beautiful small decorative colorful tiles in dark colors above the kitchen top. Of course the kitchen top in natural dark granite is a classic finish.  The surface top needs to be practical, beautiful and natural colors and materials.

Also take a look at the nice ledlights that in a dark country like The Netherlands give the nice and warm atmosphere.

Wardrobe design Amsterdam

The designed wardrobe and cabinets in the bedroom are a nice original design. There are nice panels but the atmosphere is still modern classic. As the closets are in the bedroom they need to be closed and fitting the vibe of the bedroom and create some peace. The colors are nice calm and warm.

Actually here the interior designer chose for a more classical design fitting the style and timeframe of the house. Panel doors with a calming off-white color were the base of the design. By integrating mirrors on the doors certain contemporary elements come into light as they reflect the modern lamps and beautiful dark wall colors.

Walk-in closet Amsterdam

In the small side room we have designed a nice open piece and a closed part so there would be a  mixed wardrobe room that in practice functions as a walk-in closet. The purpose here is storage, practicality and beauty. In the end it is a dressing and fashion room. The challenge in the design here was the opening of the doors and the coordination with the floor maker. As you see the herring-bone structured flooring has a “band en bies” structure. This is the black line that has to exactly follow the structure of the cabinets and wardrobes.

TV unit and bricked cabinet wall

In the living room the client wanted a modern designed and divided wall. The wall had to have different elements. As you can see the design challenge is in combining many elements. The following items had to be combined: a TV unit, a fireplace, showcases, storage and a natural brick wall. The fireplace is from Gazco and is a pure electric fireplace. It gives a little bit of heat but it is not the main purpose of the fireplace. The fireplace is purely decorative.

The cabinets are made with plasterboards and are finished in a matter wall paint. The have niches as part of a normal cabinet that could serve as showcases.

The bricked wall is actually made with real stones. The stones from the brand Brickstones are made from real stones and are placed without grouting as a real stone wall. They are placed and glued by the builder as tiles.

The finishing touch is made in the front of the room with a nice radiator cover in a very classic style.

Kitchen design Amsterdam


The combination of factors: renovating, design and interior items like cabinets and wardrobes require design skills, patience and good planning. All elements need to be combined perfectly. The difficulty is that on forehand it is hard to catch all problems and style issues. Colors, light and practicality add to this cocktail of factors.

MyHouse Amsterdam combines all factors into high quality design and high quality finish with the right partners.

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