Kitchen appliances Amsterdam

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Kitchen appliance Amsterdam
Kitchen appliance Amsterdam


Buying a kitchen in Amsterdam or kitchen design in the making? MyHouse Amsterdam designs custom made kitchens. The whole process of designing a nice kitchen is fully customized. Part of the design process is very creative. MyHouse operates very transparent and makes and installs beautiful kitchens, classical and modern and serves as a specialist for your kitchens and appliances here in Amsterdam.


The kitchen appliance market

In Holland, and also in Amsterdam the market of kitchen appliances is rather non-transparant. How does it work? At this moment there is a huge competition between a very few big companies. They sell appliances online and most pricing is aligned between the appliance suppliers. Some big brands do not want to be part of this deal and therefore only deal with exclusive shops for their prime or luxurious appliances. Miele for example decided to exclusively deliver appliances through a selected group of dealers in the exclusive segment.

Bosch and Siemens

Bosch and Siemens are part of the same group have split their business. The prime-lines of exclusive appliances (as they call it) are delivered by themselves or exclusive dealers. The middle range of kitchen appliances if delivered through the big online suppliers.

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Luxury appliances

Now the strange situation exists that luxurious appliances can only be bought through exclusive and therefore expensive dealers. Often the online companies are willing to give you prices though.

The main idea behind this system is that the brands want to maintain a certain price level for the appliances. By creating all the time “exclusive” new lines for exclusive dealers and selling their medium ranges out through the online outlets they serve both segments of the market.

Independent advice

MyHouse serves as an independent seller of appliances and does not have any ties with any supplier. Normal kitchen dealers and designers hardly get any discount as the market is very protected. This means that MyHouse Amsterdam can operate very independent. As MyHouse works with several companies we try to advice our clients on well priced deals and the best choice at the moment of ordering the appliances. Also MyHouse can take care of extra services like plumbing or getting your appliance up with a moving lift.

Kitchen appliance Amsterdam

When ordering appliances with MyHouse we take care you get the right price and we get the right quality with a good level of services.

All of the above applies for mainstream appliances. When you are interested in the very luxurious brands like LaCanche, Aga, leCornue, Wehstahl or nice range hoods like Novy or Wave or Gutmann Myhouse Amsterdam is an excellent choice. Sometimes we can negotiate a good discount for our clients but we are transparent of the cost of the appliance, discount and extra service. In this way you know what you are paying for.

The big kitchen dealers are playing different, they are often liaised to one of the main kitchen players, they are trying to sell you luxury prime-line appliances with a so called discount. They fail to offer older models with exactly the same specs. On the prime-line appliances they earn the most as you can figure out.

Summary for kitchen appliance Amsterdam

Medium and lower segment appliances: mostly sold online with every day low pricing totally aligned daily between the online sellers. Prices to be checked online.

High segment: sold with discount by the big kitchen dealers or through exclusive high end kitchen shops. Prices and discounts vary per day.

Luxury brand on the super high end: sold through a very few specialised appliance shops. This is truly a niche market.

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Contact us!

MyHouse can inform you about the best way to buy your appliances. We serve as a dealer for Bosch, Siemens, Miele, Bertazzoni, LaCanche, Wave, Novy, Neff, Selzius and Franke.

MyHouse also specialises in the delivery of special kitchens systems like corner systems, drawers, pull-out units.

We are more then willing to help you out here in Amsterdam with an honest, fair and above all client oriented advice. You can find our contact details on

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