DEKTON kitchen top event in Amsterdam by Cosentino

Written by Cees

DEKTON kitchen top event in Amsterdam by Cosentino

As kitchen design company based here in Amsterdam we were invited to the DEKTON event of Silestone. Silestone in the recent years has developed its great and fantastic new line in surface tops: DEKTON. In the last year we have installed Dekton in several kitchens here in Amsterdam. It is truly a new trend that is often integrated by the MyHouse Interiors team.


The material is beautiful and above all it is undestroyable. The material is made out of glass, porcelaine and quartz. This makes the surface irresistible for stains, scratches and heat. Simply amazing.

The event yesterday took place in the beautiful JAZ Hotel in Amsterdam next to the ZIGGO Dome. The hotel opened recently in November and wanted to invite Silestone dealers to show the great rooms where all bathroom tops are made in Silestone composite tops.

The event centered around the new introduction of Xgloss Dekton. Normally the surface tops are mat and a bit rough. The new X-gloss tops of Dekton are super shiny and therefore a great addition to the kitchen designers and the Kitchen dealers here in The Netherlands. Also with solid colors there is now more choice.

After a tour in the hotel we were actually introduced to the characteristics of the surface top. A test kit was provided for so that we could actually try to scratch and stain the top with for example nail polish or a permanent marker. Shockingly it was removed in a second. Nothing was left.

Also sinks can be integrated in DEKTON. What a beautiful material. Currently Cosentino is developing more colors and structures so there is more choice. Also DEKTON is used outside on the buildings as it is for reception desks and other business solutions.

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At the end of the presentation Silestone introduced us to their newest amazing try-out: cooking directly on the surface top. The experiment is done by top cook Jonnie Boer of the Librije in Zwolle, a 3 star restaurant that has made their kitchens entirely with DEKTON tops. In the experiment the cooks are actually cooking directly on the counter top. This has no effect on the actual top. Will this amazing experiment succeed? We are convinced it will! Convince yourself and watch the amazing movie at the Librije:

Here we also show one of our amazing DEKTON installations here in Amsterdam Zuid near the Vondelpark, an area where a lot of expats live. On the counters next to the oven and on the hue island we have placed DEKTON. Next to the beautiful outlook it is amazingly practical. Our clients love it.

Please stop by in our showroom here in Amsterdam if you plan a kitchen or custom made kitchen. We have all the samples available here in the showroom. Of course we also can provide you with promotional material and all required information.


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