Home office Amsterdam – bespoke desk and cabinet design

Written by Chiara

Home office Amsterdam – desk and cabinets integrated

Home office, custom made desks and working from home. The last year has been turbulent also for interior businesses and interior concepts. It was a year that has changed our way of working and thinking. For professionals commuting up and forward from Amsterdam to work there were big considerations. From the interior point of view we can conclude that professionals are looking for a peaceful place to work in the house and to integrate desk area’s into nice furniture pieces.

How to create a home office in Amsterdam?

Bespoke interiors that can be coverted to a workspace? Well it all starts with the space you live in. If you have a separate room to create your office it is all easier. If not what is often the case here in Amsterdam you need to create a part in the interior that can be used as a home office. So the first question is which part of the house and how to divide the space. So mostly the question of designing a home office starts with a divider.

Classic bookshelves with desk

Room divider to create office space at home

Room dividers can be designed as a closed cabinet thus creating a new room or as just a separator that simply can be closed but keeps all lights and spacious feel. Dividers can be made as steel walls with a lot of glass. In those walls the spaces open mostly by sliding doors and systems. A cabinet with sliding doors is often referred to as a kamer-ensuite. Kamer ensuite in Amsterdam and Holland has a rather classical association. They can also be modern with slick and smooth outlook. The nice thing about a divider is that you create storage and a wall in one. The negative is that you block light and space.

Desk area designed Amsterdam

Desk space integrated with storage cabinets or shelves?

Desk space and storage cabinets can be created in the new room or simply in a living room or bedroom. If no separate space is created the desk and office area should actually look like piece of the interior and should reflect the interior style in the house. Also in a separate room you should nicely integrate the workspace but you have somewhat more freedom in the choices and style if the room is empty.

Now we can opt for a few options, will you integrate the desk in a bookcase or storage cabinet or will you use the total space for a big desk and have shelves above. This is a matter of taste and style. Generally speaking we can say that in a classical style it is nice to combine integrate the desk and cabinets. This way the whole unit will look like classical bookshelves. In a modern style you could have a nice big desk and shelves above. All examples attached to this blog are made and designed by MyHouse Amsterdam.

Another conclusion is that when the desk area is in a separate room professionals rather opt for an open outlook with shelves. When the desk is in the living room you definitely need to have closed storage space next to it to keep things a bit neat.

Classical desk and bookcase

Colors and materials for your home office

From a designer of bespoke interiors perspective it is nice to use different colors and structures. For modern design we often use a wooden melamine from Egger (for example Bardolino) and colored cabinet fronts. On wood structure you will see less marks and thus is a better fit for a workspace. Especially the combination of black steel legs, wooden desks and light colored cabinets is very nice. When the project is more classical we often keep one color for desk and cabinets.

Desk area

Ergonomy in the fitted home office

When you integrate the desk in the fitted furniture it is more difficult to reach the same level of ergonomy. This is because the furniture pieces are fitted and fixed. Moving desks in height are things that are possible but need to be designed and researched upfront. A conclusion is that an expensive work chair is inevitable and the height of a fixed desk should be very well considered.

Home office: a matter of design

Here at MyHouse Interiors we design and install your fitted furniture. To be honest it is all a matter of detail and design when designing a home office. It starts with the space, do we need a room divider or not. Then the question is style versus functionality. Different styles imply different limitations and possibilities. We always set up your project in good 3D designs upfront. We have attached examples to this blog. After the 3D process we can choose the lay-out, details and materials. Please feel free to contact us for a free-of-charge home consultation. Happy to help.

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Home office Amsterdam

Bespoke bookshelve and desk