Bespoke kitchen, wardrobe and renovation – Amsterdam

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Bespoke kitchen, wardrobe and renovation – Brouwersgracht

Bespoke kitchen combined with a bespoke wardrobe and bathroom cabinets in combination with a full renovation. Last week we have finished a successful project of fitted and bespoke kitchen and fitted cabinets with a full renovation of the place. It was a very difficult place on the Brouwersgracht in the Jordaan neighbourhood of Amsterdam. It is an apartment in one of the old medieval warehouses that are currently refurbished to appartments.

Fitted kitchen Amsterdam

Interior design Amsterdam

The space to begin with was very old with slanted walls, beamed ceilings and a lot of corners and humidity problems. The house interior was quite outdated. The first ideas were actually just doing a bespoke kitchen. But like with many interior changes it is a domino effect. So if you start the interior design somewhere you touch other parts and before you know the whole interior needed to be decorated and refurbished.

Expats and full project coordination

The expat couple was still working from abroad so we had time to do a full on renovation and interior design. This was the moment when we formed the total team to do the job. MyHouse coordinated the project with the external parties like electrician and general contractor. They had to stay in line with the designs of the interior. We supplied client with color samples, the right tiles, appliances around the rebuilding and did the full service for the bespoke kitchen, wardrobe and bathroom cabinets.

Bespoke kitchen Amsterdam

So what did the interior project look like? The start was the bespoke kitchen. The space where the kitchen stands is also the living room with a splendid view on the Brouwersgracht in Amsterdam. The ceilings are really really low with very thick wooden beams. The old interior was very “wooden”with a lot of old pine. This looked outdated.

Kitchen design

The kitchen needed to serve as a bar and cooking area, storage spaces and cabinet for the laundry machines. In the renovation process we removed one wall towards the bathroom. Thus we created space for an American fridge and also the space for the laundry and dryer. With this kind of smaller apartment it was kind of a puzzle to use the optimal spaces. So as you will see in the pictures a lot of special solutions were created. Corner systems from LeMans, pull-out units, trash bins and top cabinets. Please take a look as well to the nice cutlery drawers. Well this is the advantage of customized and fitted kitchens and furniture to design. We work with small margins in the work, so it looks nice and we use the full space.

The required outlook was modern with a touch of natural materials. So we have a gripless modern kitchen in blue with milled grips. The low top cabinets are made in oak, in a bit of a darker shade.

The countertops are from Silestone in white, estatuario to be precise. The kitchen island has an integrated winefridge from Kuppersbusch. To keep a nice Dutch and natural outlook the backwall is tiles with Dutch witjes. The tap and sink are in black as a nice contract with the white countertop and white tiles.

The interior project with fitted cabinets and wardrobes

The bathroom was open and the bedroom was a part of the hallway. We have created and designed new spaces where one wall was created as a wardrobe, also modern with gripless doors and a light grey green color. The bathroom is made with marble tiles and the bathroom cabinet is done in the same style as the kitchen with the same countertop and the nice black fixtures. As you see the tiling of the spaces is done in a light stone and marble imitation.

Fitted wardrobes

Bespoke bathroom cabinet

Key to a successful renovation project

The key to a successful interior project and renovation project are patience, creativity, time and good management of the budget. Also keep in mind that there will be small problems to be solved.

All designs in 3D were made upfront so all following decisions were based on the base designs and colors. A few versions of 3D were made so we could come to the right choices. MyHouse also makes the AutoCad designs for the renovation team. During the process a lot of design and detail decisions were made. Short lines of communication have been key in the project.

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