Furniture Design - Amsterdam

Written by Chiara
Furniture Amsterdam


Furniture design – Amsterdam

Modern cabinet

In a nice 20’s apartment in Amsterdam MyHouse has made and designed a beautiful wall unit or modern bookcase. The initial idea for the bookshelves design here was to make an oak veneer wall-unit in darker color. As the modern bookshelve contrasts better with the floor in a color the design is made in white. The backwall of the modern furniture piece is dark blue. The backwall in a darker color gives a nice view to the bookcase and actually brings forward the white designed and divided parts and shelves.

Furniture Amsterdam

Design in harmony

The floor in the house is in old pine and is waxed the way the old ships were done. This give a nice look and feel to the house. The walls are finished in a sensitive greenish color from Farrow and Ball. The choices made all give a very warm outlook in the room. The sharp white furniture or modern wall cabinet makes a great addition. Because there are not too many books and objects placed the combination between warm colors, an older apartment, modern designed bookshelves is just totally in harmony.

Modern and classic combined

The front of the house has an old radiator. We have decided to make and design the radiator cover with classical panels. This style more or less fits the design of the house and the old doors that were originally in the house. The other side of the bookcase in the corner at the entrance is made into the existing niche in the wall. This part is also in the same modern style of the fitted furniture. The divisions came logic; the main decisions were not to make parts and shelves symmetric in the design.

Furniture Amsterdam 1

It would be for some designers more logic to make the front radiator cover also modern. In the design phase MyHouse Amsterdam actually decided that it would be too much with 3 sides modern design. A break in the outlook was needed to accommodate the warmth in the room.

Interior design Amsterdam

Next to the design of the bookcase it is the loose furniture pieces that make the room look what it looks like. The main choices here are to not decorate the room too much and to keep the space slightly empty. Small art-deco pieces and colorful couches and chairs are daring but bring life and color to the space. Later beautiful hanging lamps were added to the space to complete the interior design.

Modern bookshelve Amsterdam 3

Decorating the bookshelves

After fitting and building in the modern furniture wall unit it is always a challenge to decorate the interior of the cabinets. Here the choice is made for a nice combo of loosely placed books and clear objects. It is always nice to have nice art books that by itself also are part of the interior and contribute to the city and arty living and feel.

Modern bookshelve Amsterdam 6

In the end the design is pure city live and makes the old apartment come to live in a warm but modern designed environment. The design process of the custom made piece of furniture took time, different colors were tried as well as different materials. Initially we even had in mind to make the bookcase in Oak Veneer. White was more applicable is this appartment.

Modern bookshelve Amsterdam 4

Also interested in modern designed apparments in Amsterdam, The Netherlands? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will inform about possibilities in modern design bookshelves, cabinets and shelves.