Expat luxury interior, Vondelpark Amsterdam

Written by Cees

Expat luxury interior, Vondelpark Amsterdam

Moving from the US to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our expat client dared to take on the challenge. She has bought a beautiful apartment near the famous Amsterdam Vondelpark. From a distance she initiated and started organising a huge refurbishing and rebuilding of the apartment. She has asked MyHouse Amsterdam to design and make the library bookshelves and the kitchen island. Of course custom made and designed.

Custom made interior Amsterdam
Luxury interiors Amsterdam

Our client managed the refurbishment herself with the different parties. This went well and the apartment was transformed into a luxury living space with a luxury interior. When we first started off we received general plans but with a good vision straight away. In the living room our client had planned for a roomwide library with bookshelves to accommodate mostly art and art books. The other wish was to create a bar area in the living room with glass doors and shelving and an integrated drink stand.

Custom made library and bookshelves

Custom made bookcases are our flagship product. Somehow bookshelves are a crown on the interior. Mainly because they are always in sight and it is a way to express your own style and lifestyle. This is the place in the house where you can show art, books and personality. In this house we planned to cover the whole side of the room.

What characterises this particular bookcase? First of all we made and designed the interior classical but not over the top. So this is reflected in the bookshelves. We decided not to make the bookcase to the ceiling but we kept of piece of wall between the crown and the ceiling. This gives a good feeling of space to the room. The bottom is made with classical panel doors and nice simple wood profiles. The open part of the bookcase is interesting, we kept big open spaces nicely divided. This gives space to bigger art objects and bigger books. The unique part of this custom made bookcase is of course the art panel that slides in front of the TV. It is an old and antique Jugendstil panel in threefold. A unique and very tasteful combination with the sprayed bookshelves.

Custom made interiors Amsterdam

Modern classic and art

The open parts have vertical frames with a simple panel, then the horizontal shelves are thinner and give a nice subtle look and feel. The lights are recessed from the bottom but only in a few places. A special feature is the light that is integrated recessed on top of the bookcase. This gives warmth to the space.

The color of the bookcase is a bit warmer and stronger then the walls, though it is a similar tone. The bookcase in this way stands out as a decorative piece. The color is greenish warm white. It is a nice combination with the natural oak flooring and the nice chairs. The whole interior and combination of colors and objects is spectacular.

Luxury bookcase Amsterdam

Custom made bar area

The second piece we have designed is a custom made cabinet as bar area. The place was in the corner where we have made small and simple upper cabinets with glass doors and shelves. Here the bespoke furniture is made as a display cabinet for nice glasses and bottles. The bar itself is a marble and sawn and cutted with a gracious corner. The splashback is made as an antique mirror backwall. The whole cabinet is a fun and nice addition to the classical living room and make the luxury interior a warm and nice people space.

Nice bookcase Amsterdam

Cooperation from design to full installation of the interior

The cooperation with the expat client was very nice. A lot of overlap between the parties is a challenge to manage. For example the client has ideas but here at MyHouse we make the actual 3D visuals. This takes a good understanding between client and designer. You need to understand each others’ wants and needs. Then in the logistical process there are parts that are done by the contractor as he for example has finished the walls above the bookcase.

When you set up a good cooperation with some patience during the process this can be achieved. All in all it was a success and we congratulate our Expat client with the nice apartment and great interior.

What services do we provide here at MyHouse Interiors? We do the full process from 3D visuals, production and full installation of all your stylish wardrobes, cabinets, bookshelves, kitchens and interior work.

Drink bar cabinet