Walkin closet & wardrobe design in small spaces Amsterdam

Written by Marta

Walkin closet wardrobe design in small spaces

Walkin closet design or smart design in small spaces Amsterdam. We often design big custom made kitchens, interior projects and wardrobes for our clients. In fact there is actually a lot of demand for smaller design projects and fitted furniture especially to add optimal value to the spaces and appartments here in Amsterdam.

Small space design Amsterdam

Room divider

What to think about room dividing wardrobes? Our client had a very good view on design and space and wanted to add value to her appartment. In her apartment in Amsterdam Oud West there was no closet space at all in the bedroom.

So the question was if it would be smart to design a wardrobe with closed doors against the side wall or to design a walkin-closet.

Smart design interior

We have drawn out the space in our interior design software here in the office. If we would design the wardrobe against the sidewall with closed doors the bed would be positioned almost in an impossible position. Now we came up with an open wardrobe where the backwall functions as the headboard where the bed can be placed. So the wardrobe divides the room.

Sliding door

To create more space in the room we have replaced the door of the bedroom with a sliding door and a nice steel sliding system. Now we had all the design options in our own hands. The inside wardrobe is divided with two colors, dark and light grey. The dar grey is also used for the backwall as room divider.

Sliding door and system Amsterdam

Colors and outlook in wardrobe design

On the backwall we have designed a deeper and lower piece in oak colors, this is the headboard of the bed. So this piece is a little bit deeper so you can place objects. Also we have smartly integrated electra outlets in this piece. So the backwall is grey and oak. Then we have made the big sliding door to enter the bedroom in oak color so it matches the headboard.

The industrial sliding system, the door handles and opening grips as well as the sockets are made in black to give this contemporary design look and feel.

Headboard wardrobe sliding door

Egger and Krono Amsterdam

As a material we actually used the décorboards from EGGER and KRONO here in Amsterdam. Those materials make better and nicer colors every year and have truly well designed colors and surfaces. As sprayed material becomes expensive those are good alternatives.

The insides of the wardrobe are simply designed with open spaces for hanging clothes and 5 drawers. Then on top we have two open spaces. The drawers roll on good systems from BLUM.

All in all we have designed a smart divider, optimally used the space, used sharp colors and added good accesoires. The challenge for small spaces feels sometimes more difficult then bigger spaces. The need to use space effective is more urgent.

Mirrors and other add ons

Wardrobes and fitted furniture have many features, when the design is ready it is time to add the things that make your design just perfect. In this case we added a big mirror on the sliding door. As the mirror and door are visible from the space in the walkin closet it gives the necessary depth. Of course it is also handy and practical. Other add-ons to think about are drawers, ledlights, pull down systems, shoe systems and special electra cords. 

Wardrobe Amsterdam

MyHouse in Amsterdam

As MyHouse in Amsterdam customizes fitted furniture projects all designs are possible. We like to think smart and want to make it happen. MyHouse makes and designs custom made projects like kitchens, kitchen tops, wardrobes and walk-in closets. Also room dividers, radiator covers and panelling.

Please feel free to visit us in our studio here in Amsterdam center or feel free to give us a call.

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Sliding system, sliding door and glued mirror

Sliding door mirror Amsterdam

Backwall and electra socket

Electra socket Amsterdam