Steel doors - Modern wardrobe – Amsterdam

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Steel doors - Modern wardrobe – Amsterdam

Modern style cabinets combined with steel doors. Just outside the old center of Amsterdam a design request came to us to combine a steel construction, a steel door with modern sprayed wardrobes. The house we had to work in is older and has a very classic outlook. The place has been designed with natural and modern materials to keep a clean outlook and design. Anyway it was a very nice interior project in Amsterdam. 

The basic design decision was to keep the fixed elements in the house rather classical. The window frames, herring bone wooden floor in oak and the ceilings are kept in the style of the Amsterdam house with all detailing and profiling. The added-on elements and the new additions to the house: special divisions and elevations, kitchen and cabinets are kept very modern and contemporary. If we talk about modern design we are talking about simple outlook, straight elements and flat doors.

Wardrobe and steel Amsterdam 1

The power of this design is that the modern elements combine well with the classical elements. This is a result of choosing natural materials like steel, glass and wood. This combined with simple colors like black, light grey and simple structures give this contemporary though quiet outlook to the house. For this expat Amsterdam family it also was important to keep the design timeless in case of any future design developments.

MyHouse Amsterdam was given the design challenge to make the wardrobes and cabinets and the steel construction as a partition between front and back of the house.

Simplicity, luxury and modern and simple outlook were the keywords in this design. Let’s start with a summary of our design thoughts for the steel doors and the steel construction in the classical Amsterdam house. We decided for a partition with as big spaces and widows as possible. This was decided in the initial design phase to keep the full light in this part of the house. Besides we wanted to accentuate the high ceilings and the grandeur of the space.

Wardrobe Amsterdam Modern

Steel doors are powerful when you keep simple and thin frames. The color should be black or anthracite. The steel doors are powder coated in a mat finish. The steel doors give a natural but also an industrial look to the spaces. Especially nice is the combination between the classical outlook with modern elements and transparent glass and light oak floors in the house.

The wardrobes are designed to fit and are fully custom made. We had two niches where we wanted to design and build in good storage units. In the design of the fitted wardrobes we prefer normal opening and turning doors over sliding doors. Sliding doors take space in the depth and also the system is really visible and takes attention away from the simple and flat designs.

Steel door Amsterdam

The wardrobes are simple in outlook: flat doors sprayed in a mat color. The color is very light grey leaning almost towards a litte touch of green. A classis though quiet color. The cabinets blend in with the walls. The only special touch we designed are the moulded-in opening grips on the side of the doors. The give the necessary break and nuance in the design.

Are you interested in an interior project in Amsterdam? MyHouse Interiors provides design, production and fitting services for kitchens, wardrobes, steel doors, bookshelves. If want to make an appointment or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us and let us know you wishes.

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