Modern custom made kitchen – Amstelveen

Written by Mireille

Modern custom made kitchen – Amstelveen

Kitchens in Amsterdam and in this case in Amstelveen. Back after the summer first things we picked up was photographing our kitchen designs and custom made kitchens. This kitchen is a modern design and is made and installed in Amstelveen. In close cooperation with the client we have made the designs.

The first ideas was to have a base kitchen and kitchen island with dark colors and fronts and quite an open view of the kitchen. We have made here several initial designs and to add more natural color and some body in the kitchen we have designed the nice oak cabinets above the countertop of the kitchen.

Kitchen modern Amstelveen 1

Kitchen design  - Space and light

The house was in a rebuilding and the client has decided to extend the house from the backside. This created an enormous light and spacious area for the kitchen. The whole idea of the space is to have a living kitchen where you can gather around and sit with the whole family.

Let’s take a closer look at the kitchen: the short side of the kitchen is design for the high spaces. Here the high spaces are the least visible so they do not break the spacious look and feel. We have opted for a side-by-side fridge, with a double door and an integrated icemaker. It is always a bit risky to incorporate a visible fridge in the kitchen design but somehow here if felt good and well integrated. Of course with a side by side American fridge you have to have enough space as the big and thicker fridge doors have to be able to open.

Kitchen modern Amstelveen 2

Kitchen Divsions

The long side on the side wall of the kitchen space is designed as one long space to and create countertop and workspace in the kitchen and visually the design make the room spacious and longer. To give the whole area a break and a more natural feel the design of the open top cabinets in oak veneer was very important. The wall has a small elevation that had to be custom made in the design. On the right the cooking plate from ATAG is a induction cooker that is of the top range. All other appliances are from BOSCH. There is a separate steam oven and a separate oven/microwave, under the combi microwave we have placed a warming drawer in the same style.

The range hood in the kitchen is a higher unit from NOVY, this means that we could have the same line in the shelving above the countertop.

The kitchen island is preliminary used for storage and seating. The idea was specifically not to have any cooking plate or sink here. This way all appliances are on the backwall and this part is quiet in the outlook. This design and lay-out in the design makes a beautiful custom made kitchen.

Kitchen modern Amstelveen 5

Drawers, drawers, drawers

Like in many kitchens the question is how can you divide and create good storage. The client had a preference for drawers. Drawers give good quality storage and give a nice robust outlook and structure in the kitchen.

Color in the Kitchen

The kitchen space is light and spacious. This means also in line with the latest trends and fashion that we have designed the kitchen fronts in a darker color. The color is between a very dark blue and anthracite teint. The kitchenfronts are spraypainted in a mat spraypaint.

Kitchen modern Amstelveen 3

Kitchen top

The kitchen top in the Amstelveen house is made in DEKTON, we have chosen for a very light, white surface top. This creates a great contrast with the dark blue fronts. The DEKTON top gives the right level of protection. It is hard to scratch, you can put hot pots and pans on the surface and stains are easy to remove. We often get the question if we should integrate the sink in the same material. There are some problems with this deliveries and installations. The edges are glued and often leave dirt and can cause problems with small leakages. Therefore sometimes we choose a more pragmatic way by means of a ceramic or a stainless steel.

Extra’s to think about in your kitchen

Of course a nice kitchen is not a nice kitchen without the extra elements in a house that combine the total. In this case the client has chosen nice witjes as tiles on the backwall. Witjes are white rectangular tiles based on orginal Dutch design.The light and uneven structure of the wall makes it less slick and gives a homy feel to an otherwise modern design. The client has decided to make a floor in wood; in this case OAK. Of course many clients do not chose for a wooden floor as this is vulnerable in a kitchen. The outlook is nice and natural and therefore an understandable choice. At the bottom of the oak cabinets we have integrated LED spots that give a nice atmospheric warm light.

Kitchen modern Amstelveen 5

Designing a kitchen in Amsterdam

Interested in kitchen design in Amsterdam? My House makes kitchens in every style to your wish. Designs are made upfront and we give good style advice. We always work in close cooperation with our clients to design the kitchen. In the end we come to very balanced ideas and design. You can come to our showroom