Luxury interiors and wardrobes – walkin closet Amsterdam

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Luxury interior Amsterdam

Luxury interiors and wardrobes – walkin closet Amsterdam

Luxury wardrobes and walkin closets in Amsterdam are a valuable trend. Custom made and designed interiors and cabinets, separate storage rooms converted to luxury storage spaces? MyHouse Amsterdam makes it happen.

The end of 2019 we got the opportunity to design and build a customized storage room in the center of Amsterdam in the neighbourhood next to the Heineken experience (the old Heineken brewery used to own this neighbourhood for its employees – editors note..).

The couple from the expat community here in Amsterdam that bought the old house of two floors had the dream to convert the whole separate bedroom on the first floor into a magic walkin closet with fitted and customized cabinets.

How to start the perfect design? 

The design a perfectly fitted wardrobe or dressing room is a challenge. The typical process is that we first have an extensive intake process in which we try to get the style, the functional needs and the level of luxury and extra items.

The next step is at least a presentation of prices and materials. In a next phase before we actually start designing we visit the house to have an impression and to take all measures.

The most important step is the design in 3D visuals and the set up of the architectural design of the whole project. From a start in 3D with the style and visuals that show the model and style we zoom in and drill down to the more functional lay-out of the project. Production only starts after a sign off by the client of the last versions. Installation of the project takes time and patience as this is truly a carpenting job.

Style and model of the perfect Walkin Closet

In this case the first challenge was to incorporate a good style and model of the cabinets and fitted wardrobes. The clients’ house is a very classic house with nice wooden elements and profiles. We opted for a medium classic style. In this case we have simple white panels to would go with a classic house but it is not too exaggerated. The open parts we made in EGGER Bardolino. This is a plate of melamine board that has a nice oak structure on it. It gives a nice contrast with the white fronts.

The projects with MyHouse are in high quality of furniture building. In functionality but also in design we have everything custom made. So this means no standards in cabinet divisions but most of all we also customize in design and style. This means optimal choices and combinations with modern and classic. It is all the hand of the designer and the wishes of the clients.

Functional design of the wardrobe

The division of the wardrobe and fitted cabinets was utmostly important. We have divided the cabinets with closed doors, fully open parts and cabinets with glass parts. Then there are deeper cabinets for the hanging clothes and shallower parts for items like bags and gadgets. The latter are nice to show off so here we have chosen for glass doors. In a real luxury dressing room we also needed to incorporate flat spaces as a table and a bench. We have chosen to have a stone countertop to give the luxury look and feel. We have added a nicely upholstered bench to sit and dress yourself.

Walkin closet 3D visual Amsterdam

Extra gadgets and add-ons for the wardrobe

What makes a real luxury wardrobe and walkin closet? To make the design outstanding the open spaces and the special items dress the perfect wardrobe. The open spaces that showcase the nice items of the dressing room make a great impression. Then there are all the add-ons. Special hanging systems, lights, drawers,  Think about special drawers with glass tops and nice divisions inside the drawers.

Luxury boxes in the drawers

A great system to fill up your drawers are luxury boxes finished in soft and nice fabric. They are the type of luxury divisions for jewelry, watches, car keys and glasses. The boxes are made in every size and form so they can be combined in every drawer. If then the drawer in the fitted cabinet is made this way it is visible from the top by means of a nice glass top it gives this great look and feel that makes the walkin or dressing room nice and beautiful.

Luxury wardrobe detail

The effect of lights

The room and lay out of the cabinets is enhanced by a good light plan. The main light in the room should be an eye-catcher and a designed piece. Then there is all the spotlight and ledstrips that can be integrated in the cabinets. A great variety of lights are available. We especially like the recessed lights that give a good atmospheric light. The functional lights work for example when the door opens and the light comes on by means of a sensor.


To sum up the first question: how to start the perfect design? The main road to perfection is a nice bumpy ride. Not a ride full of problems but a ride with challenges and choices. The devil is in the details I would say. It is not a matter of just placing cabinets. It is a matter of design and architecture. Everything needs to be combined well, functions, colors, lights and extra gadgets. MyHouse here in Amsterdam will guide you to the perfect storage solution in style. Please don’t hesitate to have a coffee here in our studio in Amsterdam Center or make an appointment with us at your location.


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