Luxury interior and fitted cabinets - Zuidas Amsterdam

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Steel door, cabinets and luxury interior - Skyscrapercity Zuidas Amsterdam

Interiors on Zuidas, Amsterdam. A lot of real estate development has taken place on the South Part of Amsterdam. The apartments are a perfect fit for our luxury designed interiors.

This is the area were for years the big banks and offices located their headquarters . The area is located just south of the Amsterdam A10 ring road. Nowadays it is a totally different story and a succes for the city's urban planners. Residential living between the offices became more popular and a lot of nice residential skyscrapers are designed and built up here. In the same moment a lot of restaurants and bars made their entry to this area. The areas became very easy and a pleasant place to live. Let alone the cycling distance to the city centre of Amsterdam and the very easy acces to the Amstel river and small villages around like the beautiful Ouderkerk a/d Amstel.  

Gustav Mahlerlaan wardrobe

Developing luxury interiors Amsterdam

Our clients have developed one of the nice penthouses available here in one of the skyscrapers. From the first start so before the building was ready we have grouped together the client, architect, interior designer and the furniture makers. Together we have designed the interior, colors and all the wardrobes, a room divider as wardrobe, steel doors and a TV unit, fireplace and the counter tops of the kitchen. The houses and appartments here are delivered always empty without decorative and storage pieces. So the interior design can take place from scratch. On the attached pictures you will find all designs and cabinets fitted by MyHouse Amsterdam.

As the units and apartments are delivered without anything smart space planning is crucial.

Room divider Amsterdam

Room development

There was one of the front rooms that could be divided into two. In order to also create extra value for the house we have decided to split the room. We also had to create a nice storage space in both rooms. The design, outlook and models are aligned with each other.

Storage room divider

We have designed a nice double sided room divider that serves as a nice and practical storage space. In the middle of the room divider closed sliding doors were created. It is up to the client to use the room as one or as a double room.

In the other rooms it was easier. We needed to create and design storage units and wardrobes on the walls. The style was kept the same as in the other storage units.

Wardrobes fitted to size

The style of all cabinets was modern but with a nice stylish rather classic light green stain. We have opted for storage wardrobes fitted to size with open spaces in all designs. This is done to break the modernity and to make the wardrobes less stiff and more playful. The designs are made this way that they fit the spaces exactly. The open boxes are made in different natural colors.

The insides of the custom made wardrobes and cabinets are made and designed in cooperation with our client. The ideal divisions could be created and designed. This all depends on the wishes and the clothing system of the client.

The doors open by simple touch and push to open systems. This keeps a simple but stylish outlook. Another option could be a moulded in grip. This looks really modern and nice but is a bit busy. We mostly opt for normal opening doors and not for sliding doors. Sliding doors look a bit sloppy and take a lot of depth.

Wardrobes Amsterdam designed

Steel doors Amsterdam

Between the study room on the side and the hallway we have designed steel doors and panels. The modern appartments are a perfect fit for black steel doors. The risk with too much steel is that it comes outdated at one point. We advise simple and non abundant usage of steel in the house. One or two elements are really nice and give the industrial modern touch to the apartment. We opt for square frames around the windows. The door is made with glass panels around to make the door usable.

The nice design of the steel construction is that it gives a lot of light in the apartment and passage.

Steel doors Amsterdam

Living cabinet: steel and wood

In the living room we have designed a TV unit with integrated TV space. The bottom part is designed nicely with walnut fronts. The top part is with steel elements and shelves. In this cabinet a TV can be placed and the middle has a nice fireplace from Gazco Skope. It is an electrical fireplace.

Although there is sometimes initial scepsis about electrical fireplaces people really like it when it is actually  put on. So the combination of steel, warm walnut and an integrated fireplace in this skyscraper in Amsterdam Zuid is nice, modern design but also warm and cosy…

Curtain rods made to size

The other design feature that was custom made in this apartment and makes the luxury apartment were the curtain rods made from steel. The curtain rods are designed black in steel. Every single rod is custom made and designed. This is a more complicated job then one would think as the curtains have to open perfectly and the outlook needs to be easy going and modern.

Curtain rods design Amsterdam


The countertops were delivered by MyHouse. The TV cabinet has also a countertop. This one corresponds with the splashback of the kitchen. We mostly use silestone composite tops. There are many beautiful countertops and marble imitations to chooce from. In usage the composite is great as it is user friendly and stain resistant.

Bathrooms cabinets designed

Designed bathroom cabinets are a very popular feature of the houses and appartments. In this case we went for walnut cabinet fronts and stone bathroom tops in composite. The cabinet has drawers and function and outlook are perfectly combined.

The countertops have integrated sinks in natural stone. The design and materials correspond with the rest of the house and interior design. So in this case we also combine stone, steel, warm wood colors, natural stone and mirror glass.  The mirrors are made in steel frames.

Bathroom cabinet Amsterdam luxe

Bathroom cabinet design

Luxury interiors in Amsterdam

Are you wishing to get your interior luxurious and perfectly designed? MyHouse Amsterdam specialises in designing and building your luxury interior. Kitchen design, TV furniture, wardrobes, steel doors and bathrooms are designed, produced and built in by our team of designers and installators. Thoughtful design and functionality go hand in hand. Beautiful and natural materials combine into contemporary and stylish design.

How do we work? After we have an initial brainstorm and intake we build up our models in 3D design and full color renderings. Then we drill down into the details, materials and colors. After that we make all AutoCad 2D designs for your full control. The installation process is closely monitored and leads to perfectly fitted furniture in Amsterdam.

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