Classical kitchen and bookshelves near Vondelpark, Amsterdam

Written by Chiara
Classical bookcase Amsterdam

Classical kitchen and bookshelve near Vondelpark, Amsterdam

Classical kitchens and cabinets work well if well designed. Our client contracted MyHouse Amsterdam after they bought their beautiful old house near the famous Amsterdam Vondelpark. Like so many apartments the house was sold turn key. So it was ready to move in as they said.

There was a kitchen and everything worked well. So true…but it was just not pretty and did not give the right justice to the apartment outlook and architecture of the nice apartment.

Therefore our clients contacted MyHouse to design together with them a custom made kitchen and a wall filling bookcase.

Spacious houses around Vondelpark, Amsterdam

The houses around the Vondelpark are actually quite spacious: quite rare in Amsterdam. The first question was how to design a classical kitchen with natural elements and a giant bookcase in one living space. The living space was to be used as a living kitchen and a living room.

Classical kitchen wood

Custom made kitchen and kitchen island

We have decided for a kitchen island and a nice backwall for the kitchen. To keep a spacious feel we opted for downdraft range hood so no strange boxing on the ceiling for the range hood was necessary. So the kitchen island was big and used for cooking.

The backwall of the custom made kitchen in this design was a combination of high cabinets, counterspace and space for the sink and nice classical tap. To achieve a natural and classical outlook we have used nice panelling and oak fronts for the low cabinets and the ones in the island. For the bigger cupboards in the nicely designed interior we used a solid color and we have done the finish in wall-paint. Wall paint has a much more matt outlook and structure. In this case the high units would blend in better with the walls.

The colors are nice and are chosen from Farrow and Ball. The finish of the Oak is done in a nice oil from monocoat with many natural colors in their palet.

Marvellous marble

The kitchen top is a marvellous piece of marble looking composite, pay attention the slab is in one piece. There were eight strong men needed to carry in the top. The result is magnificent.

Classic Kitchen detail Vondelpark

Classical bookshelves

The bookcase was designed to accommodate books, showcase items and a TV and had to look like an integrated part of furniture that would go well with the room, colors and kitchen.

The panels have the same profiling as the kitchen and also the crownlist continues on top in the rest of the house. Bottoms have closed doors for storage and the top is nicely divided so it can also accommodate the TV. Also here we have opted for the wood finish of Farrow and Ball to give this beautiful finishing touch. Also in the design of good bookshelves it is very important the goods and cabinets are truly built-in and fitted so they blend into the space.

Total interior design Amsterdam

Design synergy

We think there was truly a nice design synergy between end client and MyHouse Amsterdam to come to the right visions and designs. The view of the client was great. Classical bookshelves and a natural and classical kitchen in one space. Challening but also logic as people nowadays spend a lot of time in the kitchen as part of their lifestyle.

Of course a good design coöperation is as important as crucial because we as the designers do not know how the rest of the interior will look in the end picture. Therefore it was a wise decision to opt for a classical though natural finish in a classical house. With the quite rough beach feeling like flooring it was easy to reach a quite eclectic outlook for the house as modern and vintage furniture was projected to go along with the interior.

Kitchen island marble oak Amsterdam

Working together

Let us know if you are interested in working together on designing the perfect space in your new or existing house here in Amsterdam or any other city in the Netherlands. It will be of a great pleasure to help out and share our visions with you. We have great 3D designers in house that can also show you how your interior will look after the projects are ready.

MyHouse Amsterdam stand for top design, production and building up and fitting kitchens, steel, cabinets, bookshelves and wardrobes.

Downdraft range hood Amsterdam


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