Bespoke kitchens Amsterdam – modern and classic design

Written by Chiara


Bespoke kitchens Amsterdam – modern and classic design

Bespoke kitchens in Amsterdam, Holland. When thinking about bespoke kitchens many people in the first instance think and focus on classic kitchens. A typically nice paneled kitchen is where the bespoke kitchen ideas and designs originated. Analyzing our kitchen designs here in Amsterdam there is truly a nice balance between totally modern and totally classic design of the bespoke kitchens.

Bespoke kitchens or custom made kitchens are the only opportunity to have a true designed kitchen that fulfills your own wishes on lifestyle, the divisions and in the style of kitchen. A combination of styles is possible of course. It is good to describe how the process of designing a bespoke kitchen works. Some people tend to think it is difficult and time consuming. Actually the opposite is true in designing your own kitchen: it is fun, personal, the process is easy and as a result you have a dream kitchen with all functionalities available.

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Bespoke kitchen – where do we start?

Custom made kitchen of bespoke kitchen? It all starts with a good design. In order to make a good kitchen design a good overview is needed of several topics. Especially here in Amsterdam the houses are sometimes angled, small or strangely divided. A combination of those factors defines what is possible in your kitchen design: in the end you want a showpiece but great in functionality…

A small overview of first random thoughts when we start designing your bespoke kitchen:

The space for the custom made kitchen

Is the kitchen in a separate room or will it be part of the living room? If so:  do you want a natural division like an island, do you want to cook on the island? Do you want a sitting area in the kitchen? It all depends on the space available in the house. Is the space longer or wider, can you place parts of the kitchen in a corner lay out: how does the space relate itself to a placed kitchen island. How is the entry situation? Literally every house seems to be different: especially in the old center of Amsterdam.

The interior

Is the interior defined by the type of house? Do you have a classic house with nice old floors and profiling inside? Or is your place a loft with nice big windows, big spaces and light colors. Just two extremes. But for the bespoke kitchen design those are actually important questions. Is your furniture an extension of the style of the house or is it the opposite so you create an eclectic look and feel in your interior.

Preferred style

Bespoke kitchens are designed to your wish. Like stated before the actual outlook of the custom made kitchen depends on the house, your style, your ideal outlook of interior and the space. Having said this the most important factor is the human factor. What do you like? What colors are important for you? When do you feel at ease in a kitchen? In a conversation or a visit to the side we can easily see what is important for our clients in their bespoke kitchen ideas here in Amsterdam.

Ideal kitchen divisions

When we figure out the style of the kitchen we need a focus on ergonomy and divisions in the kitchen. Do you need storage or do you need a big surface for cooking and serving? Do you want certain items like a wine fridge to be shown? In designing a bespoke and custom made kitchens there are certain rules of how big the countertop space should be or where you place your dishwasher.

There is the golden rule of the triangle. This means that cooking and stove, the fridge and sink and dishwasher should be in reach of each other. By placing those items in a triangular form you have the best ergonomy in contradiction to placing them in line. In a bespoke kitchen we can divert from this ideal positioning if the circumstances of the kitchen, space and the design wishes are different. Often we propose very different solutions that come out great in outlook and also in practicality.     

Bespoke kitchen - appliances: novelty or necessity?

In appliance choices for your bespoke kitchens we make a division between necessities and novelties. Everybody needs a fridge, dishwasher, ovens, a range hood and a cooker/hob. Novelties are wine fridges, a quooker, special downdraft systems, tepanyaki plates, grill, fryers, steam ovens or waste disposals. Novelties are fun and often luxury products and all depend as well on the budget.

Your lifestyle

Having analysed and combined all “hard” factors the “soft” factor for us is the most important one and this is where we make a difference in patience and attention in our Amsterdam bespoke kitchen designs: the personality and lifestyle factor. Lifestyle and personality is the key factor in bespoke kitchen designs. How much time do you spend in the kitchen, do you have kids, do you like cooking? Do you have friends over? Does the kitchen serve as fast preparing dinner space or do you use the kitchen as a gin and tonic bar? Is the kitchen a showpiece, an extension of the style in the house or a functional object? Do you work long days in the office or do you work from home?

Lifestyle is the crucial factor in the kitchen design. Therefore we like to get to know you, your house and your life. We take time for this and that is the crucial difference with IKEA or the standard kitchen shop. Custom made in the sense of different sizes and divisions we all understand. Where the true difference comes in in bespoke kitchen design is patience and client knowledge so we are able to design a part of your life.

Bespoke kitchens – kitchen design in 3D  

After combining all mentioned factors in the kitchen design phase we start with the actual design in 3D. Normally we are that far in the ideas already that 2 or 3 different versions of bespoke kitchens will make you to decide fast which option fits best. The 3D realistic renderings show well advantages of disadvantages of each design and will get you motivated to perfection the designs. Also you can feel and see how the custom made kitchen will blend in your house and the style of the house. Now that the wishes of the initial ideas get into life it makes decisions easier in the next phase.

Bespoke kitchens: choices and details.

Now the base ideas and the main choices for the style and lay out of the kitchen are made we are leftover with choices and details of the kitchen. Think about exact sizes, colors, materials, finish, knobs and appliances. With the initial base standing you will find this process easy in designing your bespoke kitchen. In our experience the initial part of the process will take like 80% of your time, finishing off the details comes up to around 20% of time.

Bespoke kitchens Den Haag, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Holland:

A great challenge for us to get to know you and your lifestyle. Come and get to know us and visit our shwowroom in Amsterdam center.