Bespoke custom made kitchen Amstelveen

Written by Chiara

Bespoke kitchen Amstelveen

Shaker style kitchens and classical kitchen designs are still timeless and in high demand. As there are a lot of expats coming to Amsterdam those days especially from the UK we have seen a higher interest in shaker style panel doors and classical kitchens. The question when designing a new or custom made kitchen is if you should follow fashion or you keep a timeless model.

Either choice is perfect. When designing a kitchen it always good to match and balance the different possibilities and explore all options. When opting for a classical kitchen the kitchen design can still be leaning toward a more contemporary style. Especially in old houses the kitchen design can go either way.

Kitchen panels Amstelveen

Here in Amstelveen our client has done a total rebuilding of the groundfloor of the typical 30’s house. As the wall of the old kitchen was taken out we had all space available for the design. The most beautiful and most spacious design was a kitchen with an island and high walls combined with underbuilt units against the backwall. The sink area is designed in the island.

Custom made kitchen designs

Here at MyHouse Amsterdam we design the kitchens fully custom made. Opposed to the bigger kitchen companies we are taking time to discuss wishes, style and also lifestyle. After that we are setting up the desired model in good and very realistic color 3D visuals. The big thing is that we can explore optimal use of space, also for special corners or open elements as we are not using standard elements. This is where we can make full usage of special niches and higher spaces. Besides the good usage of space it also has to look good, that is where the 3D kitchen design proves to be very helpful.

In the kitchen as shown on the pictures the main eye catcher is still the backwall. This wall is made with nice panel doors and integrated ovens. Next to this we have the cooking area. The island is the place where you really can sit down with the family during cooking or when having breakfast.

Kitchen classic Amstelveen

Classic colors

The strong feature of this classical kitchen is the light and very well chosen color. The light countertop combines well with the light color. Little Green or Farrow and Ball provide very nice and classic color schemes. Especially the range from cream white, light grey to green goes well with more classical models of kitchens and houses.

Shaws ceramic sink

In the island we have integrated a beautiful sink from Shaws. The sink is imported from the UK. From all the ceramic white sinks, Shaws offers the widest range in the best quality. Those sinks are giving the grandeur to the kitchen.

Kitchen island

The kitchen island is the division between the kitchen and living area. With more classical kitchens there are better options to make a nice transition from functional kitchen space to more stylful living space. Therefore here in Amstelveen we have designed the island as a piece of furniture. We have made the backside also with profiled panels, this is the seating area. On the side of the island, also visible from the living room, we have integrated open spaces for wine and books. Those are all design features that also go with the living room.

A true challenge in many houses and renovations, especially in older houses is the connection of the floors. Although sometimes seen as very beautiful a wooden floor is not very practical in the kitchen. Most clients prefer a tiled floor. Stone or ceramic tiles are both very practical and easy to clean. This brings in one problem, how to connect the two types of floor. Wood works and tiles mostly are very stable. Together with our client we have chosen portugese tiles to give a bit of color and shape to the floor.

Our clients has integrated a gas hob into the kitchen. Did you know that Amsterdam has phased out gas connections per 2030. Therefore it is advised to integrate induction cooking plates in the kitchen.

Kitchen shaker style Amstelveen

Quooker and appliances

A lot of our Amsterdam clients have a desire for well priced but high quality appliances. The best options for ovens and fridges are with Bosch and Siemens. Here at MyHouse Amsterdam we are looking for the best priced options. This means our clients get the best prices that you see online.

The nicest features lately are with taps, sinks and of course Quookers. QUOOKER has developed very well the last years. Combinations of boiling, warm and cold water are now extended with carbonated water and even ice cold water. Sinks and taps lately also come in copper, colors that well combine with light and classical colors.

Kitchen shaker style Amstelveen

In practice

Kitchens and rebuildings often need to be combined. As we design everything custom made the perfect fit can be designed together. We are working with third parties if rebuildings are needed. In this case there are two processes, the one for the kitchen with MyHouse and one for the renovations. As we work closely together this is not an obstacle. Furthermore we focus on durable and quality materials and quality installation. All starts with good visuals and design. Please don’t hesitate to share your wishes and ideas with MyHouse Amsterdam.     


Kitchen bespoke Amstelveen