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Written by Chiara

3D interior design Amsterdam

3D design of kitchens, interior and cabinets in Amsterdam. The last blogs we have been focussing on our products and installations with the clients and showing you the end result. Custom made kitchens, bespoke bookshelves, cabinets and wardrobes. But what is actually one of the strong points of the service of MyHouse Amsterdam is the base of everything: the 3D design of the products. All images in this blog are 3D designs made by MyHouse Amsterdam.

3D interior design Amsterdam

3D design and get to know your client

Let’s start at the beginning. For a kitchen dealer and kitchen designer in Amsterdam it is difficult to start. A bespoke kitchen or a wardrobe needs to be functional. But times have changed. We want to optimalise the design for the right purposes of our client. During a first intake we want to get to know our clients and their lifestyle. Also important is to pay a visit on site. All this information together gives us a view on the desired style, functionality and purpose of the product. It is an essential piece of information for us. We are not furniture makers; we make an experience from design to a product that enhances your life and lifestyle.

Interiors and lifestyle

Imagine that it is not just kitchen cabinets.. a new kitchen is where you express your (life)style and your taste. It is also the space where you serve your visitors and show your cooking skills. It is an extension of who you want to be. It is the place where you sit together, enjoy wine and food and discuss life. Functionality and ergonomy is just a part of the puzzle.

Kitchen design Amsterdam 3D

Interiors and intake in Amsterdam

The first intake for the interior design work can be done by meeting at your apartment or in our nice studio in the center of Amsterdam. The advantage of meeting in your own house is that we see how you live. Meeting in our studio gives you an impression of who and what we are and you can see all samples and materials for the custom made kitchen design in Amsterdam.

Before we make any decisions the base needs to be good. All our work and offerings for custom made kitchens and furniture include 3D design or 3D interior of the work.


By delivering very high standard 3D renderings to our clients there is an exact view of how everything will look. We position the objects exactly in the setting the will appear in reality. So our 3D’s are not just simple designs in SketchUp. We offer really high quality photo realistic 3D renderings. The designs on this blog are just a few examples of our rendering work.

The renderings are part of the total process. This means that after the first 3D renderings we will appoint again with our clients. We often get quite a lot of feedback. This proves that the renderings are often eye openers. Why? Well we often end up with a totally different outlook of the initial idea.

Vintage kitchen 3D design

Interior elements

The renderings in 3D also show other elements: lamps, tiles, wall colors. All factors that define a succesful project. In this process we can also think out of the box by trying crazy or very eclectic color schemes.

For making custom made furniture, kitchens and wardrobes it is essential to start with good design work as you will filter out all the problems and issues. Besides the right style and colors also proportions, corners and construction issues come to light during the 3D design process.

3D design means quality work

The 3D design and renders also function as a base for the AutoCad designs. The latter are the base for the quality production of the fitted furniture in Amsterdam. There is a lot of misunderstanding about customized furniture. There is a substantial difference between a carpenter who comes to the house and starts working without initial designs as opposed to specialists in customized furniture. In a specialist company the designs are the base for the production. With good design the outlook is better but besides the furniture is better in quality and construction and it is easier to fit and build up the elements.

In Amsterdam we serve a lot of Expat clients. It seems that a lot of the expat community is very aware of the process of the designing and making of custom made furniture.

3D design bespoke wardrobe Amsterdam

Luxury custom made interiors Amsterdam

Having all seen and experienced the 3D design process the fact is that our clients end up with high end and luxury furniture that is durable and lasting. We work in Holland, a lot in Amsterdam and Den Haag for the expat community but also in France, Germany Italy and Belgium. Design work does not stop at the border.

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